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April 25, 2012

Critics of Danish Security and Intelligence Service

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Danish Security and Intelligence Service (DNIS – PET) detained the Finnish professor charging of meeting four spies (espionage agents). Professor Timo Kivimäki is a peace and conflict negotiator meeting international parties from several countries. Professor Timo Kivimäki was arrested on Thursday 12.4.2012. He was charged on 28 March. He is professor of international politics at the University of Copenhagen. According to Danish Weekendavisen 49 year old professor is accused of mild espionage and assisting Russian spies in Denmark. Professor denies. Kivimäki admitted contact with Russian diplomates in realtion to conflicts in Irak and Afghanistan and discussions of Arktis. He denies knowing diplomates being spies as claimed by DNIS (PET). The charges are related to Kivimäki’s attempts to resolve disputes of Arctic Ocean. He is claimed assisting spies in Denmark. This is first time anyone is in court based on the Danish Criminal Law § 108.

The trial is in secret and the reason for the trial is secret. Ms. Kivimäki has given statement believing his trial was based on the Danish DNIS (PET) willingness to access his non public and secret papers. The way the trial is conducted confirms that Danish police may use the trial for that purposes. In public is informed that Kivimäki would have given list of students for Russians for the planned international negotiation for the Arctic area protection. In Finland the list of students of all academic courses are always on the blackboards easily available for anyone interested.



According to Dean Ms. Liisa Laakso of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Helsinki the charges are related to Kivimäki’s attempts and reports on how to resolve disputes of arctic area waters. Connected to this Kivimäki had discussions with the Russian diplomats that are now accused to be spies.

Methane hydrates under the frozen sea in the Arctic area can cause a massive methane releases. How big, is under investigation. One Russian American study directed by Igor Semiletov will be published in April 2012. Massive methane emissions have caused mass extinctions 55 and 251 million years ago. Atmosphere methane content is now estimated as 5 billion tones and annual methane emissions as 600 million tons. IPCC estimated the methane share as 1/3 of the climate change gases in 2007. The carbon storage under the East Siberian area is estimated as 1,400 billion tons in total in different carbon forms. The more the Arctic sea ice will smelt, the higher is the risk for the methane emissions in the atmosphere. At worst it could cause a fast warming, a climate jump. North ice cover was 17,000 km2 in 1979 and 4,000 km2 in 2011. In the end of March 2012 member nations of the Arctic CouncilCanada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the US – met to try to set some minimum rules to protect the region against pollution. The Arctic is probably the most environmentally sensitive region on the planet. Few treaties exist to protect it.

Methane is detected near surface of Arctic ocean. Gas has no carbon monoxide – so it does not come from man-made combustion. A report in Nature Geoscience suggests that also huge ‘surges’ of methane are released by melting permafrost.


Timo Kivimäki has worked in Copenhagen since 1999. Kivimäki is suspended as professor during the legal process. Kivimäki is suspended since January/February 2011. Kivimäki was professor at the University of Helsinki during 1996-1999 and has student supervision tasks ongoing. The claimed analyses concern Irak, Iran and Arktis. According to media he has made security analyses and reports for many diplomates and governments including the Russians.

He has worked in the peace negotiations for over 20 years including Aceh, West Kalimantan, Papua and Burma/Myanmar. In his work he has met hundreds of diplomats and decision makers. At the time of the arrest DNIS did not know all the names of their suspected diplomates or how they look.

Secret data to DNIS

According to Professor DNIS asked in 2005 from him secret and confidential information from Aceh war discussions. Professor refused to give information. He considered it spying. He also pointed out that Denmark is a NATO country unlike Finland. However, according to Professor now based on these new claims DNIS has had opportunity to read all these secret papers and all other his notes and discussions. His telephone discussions to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Finland) have been translated. Danish Intelligence has acquired his confidential contacts in the peace and democracy development projects funded by Finland and the European Union. This is in conflict with the interest of Finland.


According to the professor he was interrogated in total for 350 – 400 hours since September 2010. His normal life was not possible. The Danish Security and Intelligence Service used the sleep debt method in the interrogation and prevented professor to have his asthma medicine 11 p.m. in the evening. The suspicion cut contacts to colleagues for 19 months and may disturb his imago. The interrogations were not recorded. DNIS does not report its activity. There is no way to control the activity of DSIS. Also the trial is announced to be secret.


SUPO Finnish Security Intelligence Service

University is suprised.

Finnish Security Intelligence Service SUPO did not know for a long tome of the case. SUPO does not comment the case. According to yle news the claimed suspect is slight spying for the Russia. Professor denies


Ministry of Justice (Denmark), which will conduct the trial, try to convince the Foreign Ministry Villy Søvndal (Socialistisk Folkeparti), to keep trial public.

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