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February 13, 2013

Laser cutting is turning the impossible into practical for artists and designers

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Laser cutting is a technology that is changing the landscape of art and design.

Traditionally a technology reserved for industrial uses, it slowly made its way into the trophy and sign industry as more laser cutting machine manufacturers began to enter the market. It followed naturally that creative people should adopt the technology as its accessibility grew. These days you can purchase a laser cutter from more than a dozen reputable manufacturers, or make use of a laser cutting service – a more cost efficient option for most, and another bonus is that you can rely on their expertise in terms of materials and how to set up your files correctly to be laser cut or engraved. Further, it can take many months to master the power speed settings for any given material.

Who uses laser cutting services? Product designers, interior designers, fashion designers, stationary and invitation manufacturers, marketing product manufacturers, promotional products manufacturers – the list is really quite estensive.

Some laser cutting services like Laser Creative have shifted their focus entirely away from industrial contracts to cater to this newly emerging market.

In a short online interview with Laser Creative owner E Bartha, explains why:

“Dealing with artists and designers makes our job quite fun and gives us a chance to work on extremely varied projects that keep us on our toes. Making 100,000 widgets or anything like that for industrial uses really does get old quite fast.”, says E Bartha, owner of Laser Creative. “We wanted to give artists and designers access to this technology to change the way they produce their work and give them new revenue streams to sell their art and market themselves”.

When asked what makes Laser Creative different from industrial laser cutting shops, Bartha responded, “although we have a large bed industrial laser, we’re a small shop and tend to take on projects that interest and excite us personally. We take the time to talk to our clients and take the time to educate them on the process. The more they understand, the better we can realize their vision. Laser cutting is still quite foreign to most people, so we find that gently guiding them along the process helps quite a bit.”

When asked about her favourite past projects and clients, Bartha said, “I’m reluctant to choose just a few, each have their own character and in turn, their own rewards”. When pressed, she laughed and responded, “If I had to choose I’d say Autumn Sky Morisson’s laser engraved art and Laura Borealisis’ laser engraved art blocks are two projects that I loved working with because I love their artistic style and work so much”.


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