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April 22, 2015

US Soccer: S2 lose two on the road

US Soccer: S2 lose two on the road – Wikinews, the free news source

US Soccer: S2 lose two on the road

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Seattle based soccer club Seattle Sounders FC 2 (S2) lost their initial two away games of the season despite having entered the road trip undefeated with three wins. First, they played the Tulsa Roughnecks who won 4–3 on Thursday. Next, S2 traveled to nearby Oklahoma City to battle Energy FC on Saturday but lost 2–1.

The first half of the game against Tulsa was very exciting with five goals within the first twenty five minutes. Gibson Bardley scored immediately (2′) for the Roughnecks. This prompted two quick goals from Qudus Lawal who scored two along (9′, 10′) to put the Sounders back in the lead. Eli Galbraith-Knapp scored for the opposition in the 19th minute to bring the teams level but Jimmy Ockford (25′) notched one shortly after to give the Sounders three goals before the half. After the break, the Roughnecks were able to keep the Sounders from scoring but pulled ahead with two goals of their own from Steven Miller (69′) and Lucas Cordeiro (77′).

The Sounders struck first in the game against the Energy with a goal from Darwin Jones in the 33rd minute. This was a short-lived lead, however, with Oklahoma City scoring five minutes later with a goal from Chuy Sanchez. Energy FC might have led going into the half when they were awarded a penalty kick but Michael Thomas was unable to convert. The Sounders almost held on for a draw but Danni König scored in the 86th minute.

S2 next faces the Vancouver Whitecaps 2 away while the Roughnecks are to travel to Kentucky to face Louisville City FC. The Energy are to host Saint Louis FC.



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August 7, 2012

Wildfires spread across parts of Oklahoma

Wildfires spread across parts of Oklahoma

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Disasters and accidents

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

State flag of Oklahoma flies over the state’s Capitol.

Fire crews have battled numerous wildfires across portions of Oklahoma during recent days. At least eighteen fires have been reported across the state, one of which severely damaged the town of Luther, nearly destroying it. Media sources indicate the fires have damaged over 68,000 acres.

Many of the fires burned throughout Saturday night. In the central part of the state, various rural areas and small towns were evacuated; officers went door to door in some locales to notify residents of the impending dangers. A spokesperson for the American Red Cross reported approximately 50 people stayed overnight in an emergency shelter set up in the town of Cushing, just outside of Oklahoma City.

The state continues under a state of emergency. The governor, Mary Fallin, visited the town of Luther on Saturday, extending her sympathies amidst the disaster. She told reporters, “It’s heartbreaking to see families that have lost so much.” She has also issued a statewide ban on all burning activities.



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June 6, 2012

Oklahoma Thunder head to NBA finals

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Oklahoma City Thunder of the northeast division of the Western conference of the NBA — the US‘s National Basketball Association — has beaten the San Antonio Spurs in the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City to face the winner of the Miami HeatBoston Celtics series in the best-of-seven 2012 NBA Playoffs, and will have home field advantage against the winner of that series.

The Thunder lost the first two games of the Western Conference finals against the San Antonio Spurs 101–98 and 120–111, both of which were played at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. They came back to win the final four games 102–82, 109–103, 108–103 (again at the AT&T Center), and 107–99. Manu Ginobli, shooting guard for the Spurs, is quoted as saying, at the final press conference, “There’s not much to complain about. We had a great run. We just couldn’t beat these guys.”

The Eastern Conference finals have still not been decided with Boston currently leading Miami three games to two. If Boston wins, then they will have to face a team which they lost twice to, not only at home, but also away. Miami has not played Oklahoma City this season, but would be making their second consecutive appearance in the finals. The winner of the Eastern Conference will play their first two games at Oklahoma City before going to their home city for the next two, and then alternating between the two cities for the final three games.

The Thunder hope to win their franchise’s second championship, and the first in Oklahoma. Previously, the Seattle Supersonics won the championship in 1979 against the Washington Bullets (now known as the Washington Wizards).


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May 5, 2012

On the campaign trail, April 2012

On the campaign trail, April 2012 – Wikinews, the free news source

On the campaign trail, April 2012

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The following is the sixth in a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2012 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after a brief mention of some of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail, a candidate that ended his presidential campaign speaks to Wikinews about what he learned from the experience and his new plan to run for U.S. Congress, Wikinews gets the reaction of the new presidential and vice presidential nominees of the Constitution Party, and the campaign manager for the top Americans Elect presidential candidate provides insight on the campaign’s list of potential running mates.


At the beginning of April, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won primaries in Wisconsin, Washington, D.C., and Maryland, pushing him further ahead of his rivals. A week later, former Senator Rick Santorum, the candidate with the second highest number of delegates, ended his campaign, avoiding a loss to Romney in his home state of Pennsylvania. With the withdrawal, the press began to identify Romney as the presumptive Republican Party nominee, though he had yet to secure enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Thereafter, Romney appointed adviser Beth Meyers to begin the search for a running mate.

These developments set the stage for an election contest between Romney and President Barack Obama, who had secured the nomination of the Democratic Party with victories in Maryland and Washington, D.C. The Washington Post proclaimed the “Buffett Rule” as the “opening act in Obama-Romney election battle” as Obama pushed for the Senate to pass a tax increase on wealthy Americans, named for billionaire Warren Buffett, who argued it was unfair that because of loopholes, his secretary had to pay a higher effective tax rate than him. The Romney campaign attacked the proposed tax increase as a “politically motivated” and “gussied-up” increase on capital gains taxes.

President Obama’s dog, Bo walks on the White House lawn in April 2012.
Image: Glyn Lowe.

Other stories in April distracted from the discussion of political issues. First, Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen described Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, as having “never worked a day in her life.” Ann Romney responded that “I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work.” Next, The Obama campaign renewed the story that Romney transported his dog Seamus in a kennel on top of his vehicle in 1983, with campaign strategist David Axelrod posting a Twitter photo of Obama in a vehicle with his dog Bo, with the caption, “How loving owners transport their dogs.” The Romney campaign countered that Obama had eaten dog meat while living in Indonesia as discussed in his autobiography Dreams from My Father. Romney strategist Eric Fehrstrom retweeted Axelrod’s original photo with the caption, “In hindsight, a chilling photo.” Then, Rock musician and Romney supporter Ted Nugent said at a National Rifle Association event that he would be “dead or in jail” if Obama won re-election, earning him a visit from the Secret Service. The Secret Service itself was embroiled in controversy in April after it was revealed that agents had retained the services of prostitutes while protecting the President during his trip to Colombia.

Despite the portrayal of Romney as the presumptive nominee, delegate contests continued. Romney won additional races in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York, after which former House Speaker Newt Gingrich announced he planned to end his campaign. Texas governor Rick Perry, who supported Gingrich, formally endorsed Romney. However, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas continued his campaign. He won the majority of the Minnesota delegates up for grabs at conventions across the state and did the same in Louisiana, pushing his delegate count to 80. Romney has secured 847, which is just short of the required 1,144. 962 delegates remain available.

Presidential candidate drops bid; announces congressional run

In April, former air traffic controller RJ Harris ended his campaign for the 2012 presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party (LP), citing fundraising difficulties. He announced that instead, he would run an independent campaign to represent Oklahoma’s 4th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives against incumbent Congressman Tom Cole. Harris previously challenged Cole for the seat in 2010, but lost in the Republican Party primary.

Congressional candidate RJ Harris.
Image: RJ Harris.

Harris opened his presidential candidacy last year, and was the first LP candidate to speak with Wikinews. His exit leaves activist R. Lee Wrights and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson as the two main contenders for the LP nomination at the party’s May 5 National Convention.

Since exiting, Harris spoke to Wikinews once again, discussing what he learned from his presidential campaign, what he wishes to happen at the LP National Convention, and how his new congressional campaign will differ from his 2010 run.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSSWikinews waves Right.pngWhat did you learn from the experience of running for president?

Harris: I learned that I am Libertarian to the core by having to research each and every position on the issues and realizing that I almost never saw the answers in any other light than that cast by the Philosophy of Liberty or the Constitution of the United States. Certainly I will run again when I have built a bigger base and I look forwards to once again being able to fight for Liberty with the courage of informed conviction. I also learned that no party, even the smaller ones, are immune from party politics and I will spend the rest of my political life attempting to live the admonition of Washington and Jefferson against them and the evils they create.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSSWikinews waves Right.pngWho would you now like to see win the Libertarian Party presidential nomination?

Harris: I have already stated publicly that I think both Lee Wrights and Gov. Gary Johnson are great men who would serve the Libertarian Party very well. I would like to see a ticket with them both included on it. I refrain from making a direct endorsement of either as that smacks of the very party politics I have come to loathe. Let them articulate their messages to the delegates and the delegates decide without the interference of one of the failed candidates, or the party machine, who should be their standard bearer.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSSWikinews waves Right.pngHow will your 2012 congressional campaign differ from your 2010 run?

Harris: My 2012 Congressional Campaign will not end until November this time rather than in July. This should give us the time we need to attract wider support from the Liberty movement than we had last time since it is very difficult to get folks fired up so far in advance of the actual election. I will also be spending much more effort in district with various civic organizations, not political parties, and focusing on the registered voters who vote most often. Certainly I will highlight my opponents atrocious voting record which includes voting for the bailouts, the stimulus, raising the debt ceiling, the president’s budget, the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Aside from that though what is most important is that we get the message of Liberty out to the constituents of Oklahoma’s 4th District so that they have something positive to consider up against the incumbent.

Constitution Party presidential and vice presidential picks react to nomination

Virgil Goode of Virginia and Jim Clymer of Pennsylvania, the new presidential and vice presidential nominees of the Constitution Party (CP), each responded to Wikinews inquiries requesting their thoughts on their respective nominations.

Official photo of Goode during the 109th United States Congress.
Image: United States Congress.

Goode, who served in Congress for over a decade before joining the CP in 2010, announced his presidential candidacy this past February. At the 2012 National Convention in April, he won the party’s presidential nomination on the first ballot over former Savannah State football coach Robby Wells and 2008 vice presidential nominee Darrell Castle.

Afterwards, Goode echoed his reaction to Wikinews: “I am honored to be the nominee of the Constitution Party for the 2012 election. I offer a real difference from Romney and Obama.” He differentiated himself from Romney and Obama, calling for a balanced federal budget, border security, the elimination of illegal immigration, the decrease of legal immigration, support for the Alabama and Arizona immigration laws, and the reduction of money in politics. He proclaimed, “I am not taking any PAC donations, and am also limiting individual donations to $200 per person…I favor the many over the special few.”

At the convention, Goode selected outgoing CP chairman Jim Clymer as his running mate. Clymer, an attorney from Lancaster, announced earlier this year that he would step down as chairman of the CP. During his chairmanship, Clymer welcomed Goode into the CP in 2010, and encouraged him to run for president. This is not Clymer’s first campaign for public office, having run for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania in both 1994 and 1998.

Concerning the CP vice presidential nomination, Clymer told Wikinews, “I wasn’t seeking it, but how can one say no to a request like that, especially after I had been urging him [Goode] to step forward to make the sacrifice of being our presidential candidate. It’s a case of duty calling and I intend to do all I can to answer that call!”

A Public Policy Polling survey conducted at the end of April shows the CP ticket with 5 percent support in Goode’s home state of Virginia, behind Mitt Romney with 38 percent and President Barack Obama with 50 percent. In 2008, the ticket of pastor Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle appeared on 37 state ballots, and received 199,314 votes or 0.15 percent of the total popular vote.

Top Americans Elect candidate announces ’23’ potential running mates

Former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer, the current leader in supporters for the Americans Elect presidential nomination, announced on MSNBC‘s Morning Joe in April that he has compiled a list of “23” potential running mates for his campaign. He says the list will remain a secret until the conclusion of the first round of voting on the Americans Elect website. The vote was scheduled to happen on May 8, but has been postponed to May 15. According to Americans Elect rules, Roemer must select a running mate that is a political Independent or from the Democratic Party since Roemer has been associated with the Republican Party for most of his career. He recently changed his affiliation to the Reform Party of the United States in order to seek that party’s presidential nomination.

Roemer’s campaign manager Carlos Sierra told Wikinews that he personally knows who makes up the 23 individuals on the list, but would not disclose any names. He added that “some of them [the potential candidates] are aware they are on the list.”

Americans Elect is attempting to appear on the Election Day ballot in all 50 states and has currently secured access in 26. Candidates on the website are rated by the number of supporters. Roemer currently leads with 4,632 followed by former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson with 2,824 supporters, activist Michealene Risley is third with 1,791, and economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff is close behind with 1,726. Ron Paul leads all draft candidates with 8,889, but there is no indication he will seek the nomination.

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April 14, 2012

Tulsa shootings accused face multiple murder charges

Tulsa shootings accused face multiple murder charges

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tulsa skyline, from file.

A duo accused of being behind a series of shootings of blacks in Tulsa, Oklahoma have been charged with three counts of murder and two of shooting with intent to kill. The white men also face five malicious harassment charges alleging the victims were targeted based on their race.

Police say Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 33, confessed to the attacks. An affidavit says England shot three of the victims and Watts pulled the trigger on the other two. The apparently random attacks killed Dannaer Fields, 49, Bobby Clark, 54, and William Allen, 31. David Hall, 46, and Deon Tucker, 44, were hospitalised but survived and were discharged.

All were shot within three miles of each other on April 6 in a predominantly black area of the city; all but one were shot within a single mile of each other. The deceased were all hit in the chest. Hall was hit in the stomach and Tucker in the shoulder. Bond for each suspect has already been set at over $9 million, and no pleas have been entered. A witness to one shooting described a pickup pulling over so occupants could seek directions before someone inside fired a gun.

A two-day manhunt concluded with the arrests last Sunday and police say the killing of England’s father Carl by black man Pernell Demond Jefferson gave the younger suspect a possible “axe to grind”. Jefferson was threatened by the elder England following an earlier incident and no charges were filed on the basis Jefferson acted in self defense.

Jake England recently wrote in Facebook “it’s hard not to go off,” which was in reference to the second year since his father’s death. Court documents say prior anonymous tips to police said England “has mentioned he will die in a shootout with the police if he has to” and harbors racist views. Friends and relatives say his father’s death and girlfriend’s suicide earlier this year have affected his mindset.

Tulsa County First Assistant District Attorney Doug Drummond called the events “a tragic and senseless crime.” Oklahoma law allows for life or death sentences for murder. The malicious harassment charges, which apply to some forms of discrimination, can fetch a year in prison each. Defense lawyer Clark Brewster yesterday called it “a misplaced premise that [England] was motivated by any racial hate.”

The accused, who are roommates and self-employed workmen, will be arraigned after the weekend. They apparently did not know anyone they are accused of shooting.

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Wikinews Shorts: April 14, 2012

Wikinews Shorts: April 14, 2012 – Wikinews, the free news source

Wikinews Shorts: April 14, 2012

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A compilation of brief news reports for Saturday, April 14, 2012.

Yemen al-Qaeda attack leaves twelve dead

Twelve people were killed in an al-Qaeda militant attack on a security checkpoint yesterday in Aden, Yemen, according to the country’s Defense Ministry. Four Yemeni security force members and eight al-Qaeda militants are among the dead. Four additional people were wounded, including two al-Qaeda fighters and two members of the security force.

Al-Qaeda has been present in Yemen for several years, but gained traction last year when movements across the country called for the ouster of leader Ali Abdullah Saleh. Officials, who were unauthorized to speak to the press, spoke of the attack on the condition of anonymity.


Iran nuclear negotiations continue

Nuclear negotiations between Iran and six other nations continued yesterday and have made progress, according to diplomats. The meeting is the first time Iran has met with world powers in over a year. When the meeting broke for lunch, a diplomat warned of premature optimism, however. The diplomat also mentioned the possibility of reaching common ground in the future.

Iran continues to insist that the development of a nuclear program is intended solely for peaceful purposes, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened a preemptive strike, saying that his country would be threatened by Iran achieving nuclear capability. Although U.S. President Barack Obama has not eliminated the possibility of using military force against Iran, he has expressed desire for a diplomatic solution instead.


US Secret Service agents relieved in light of alleged misconduct

Approximately twelve members of the United States Secret Service, including agents, were relieved from their duties after allegations of misconduct, reportedly involving prostitution. The agents were serving in Colombia preceding a visit by President Barack Obama. Despite the incident, however, the agency claims that security for the President was never compromised.

All questions directed to the White House pertaining to the matter have been redirected to the Secret Service. President Obama is visiting Colombia to participate in the Summit of the Americas, where he plans to discuss issues including trade policy.


Severe ‘life-threatening’ weather forecast for Midwestern US

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration‘s Storm Prediction Center issued a high risk warning on Friday for parts of several U.S. states, with Oklahoma and Kansas expected to be the most impacted by severe weather. Accuweather meteorologist Paul Walker told ABC News that the weekend “should be particularly dangerous” and that the issuance of a warning two days prior to severe weather is unusual.

Officials in Kansas and Oklahoma are urging residents to watch the situation and make emergency plans with their families.


Antarctic emperor penguin population approximated from space

Scientists from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia used satellite imagery to approximate the Antarctic population of emperor penguins at approximately 600,000, nearly double that of previous estimates. The scientists used high resolution imagery to ensure the ability to distinguish between shadows, excrement and the penguins themselves. They also found approximately 238,000 breeding pairs of penguins in Antarctica. Two-decade-old studies estimated this number to be between 135,000 and 175,000.

Although the population estimate is higher than before, their numbers may decline in the coming years if current climate trends continue, according to researchers. Researcher Phil Trathan said “Current research suggests that emperor penguin colonies will be seriously affected by climate change.” The species, which only occupies Antarctica, is currently listed as “least concern” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.



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April 4, 2012

On the campaign trail, March 2012

On the campaign trail, March 2012 – Wikinews, the free news source

On the campaign trail, March 2012

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The following is the fifth in a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2012 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after a brief mention of some of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail, a politician from outside the fifty states receives significant mention as a potential Republican Party vice presidential nominee, Wikinews gets the reaction of three Democratic Party candidates after the party strips delegates from two of their fellow challengers, and a minor third party removes its presidential nominee for fraud.


March 2012 opened with the unexpected death of citizen journalist Andrew Breitbart at the age of 43. Before he died, Breitbart had claimed to possess a video of President Barack Obama that would change the course of the election. The video, which was released shortly after Breitbart’s death, showed Obama as a law student at Harvard University speaking in favor of Derrick Bell, a controversial professor who had accused the American system of being racist. The video disappointed commentators such as Juan Williams, who expected a “smoking gun” from Breitbart.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney cemented his status as the Republican Party frontrunner with victories in Washington, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Wyoming, the US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Illinois, and six of the ten Super Tuesday states including Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Ohio, Vermont, and Virginia. He also won the endorsements of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, and Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Despite the successes, the specter of a brokered convention remained as Romney failed to win enough delegates to secure the nomination.

President Barack Obama discusses alternative energy in March 2012.
Image: Daniel Borman.

Romney’s closest rival, former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, won Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and three of the Super Tuesday states including North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. However, he suffered some missteps that cost his campaign: he called for English to be adopted as the official language in Puerto Rico as a condition of statehood, and later remarked that if Romney won the nomination and moved to the political center, “we might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk of what may be the Etch A Sketch candidate for the future.” Santorum was alluding to comments from a Romney adviser that compared the campaign to an Etch A Sketch in that “[we] shake it up and we start all over again” for the general election. However, Santorum’s comments were interpreted as a suggestion that voters should favor the Democrat Obama over Romney, which Santorum later denied.

Meanwhile, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Congressman Ron Paul continued their campaigns for the GOP nomination. Paul finished second in Washington, North Dakota, Vermont, and Virginia, and won the popular vote, but not the majority of delegates, in the Virgin Islands. Gingrich focused his energies on the southern states. He won his home state of Georgia on Super Tuesday, and came in second place in Alabama and Mississippi. Most notably during March, Gingrich proclaimed he could reduce gas prices in the United States to $2.50 a gallon through increased oil drilling. President Obama used this statement to attack the GOP, arguing that they were playing political games. On energy, Obama called for further development of alternative fuels. Polls showed that high energy prices were negatively affecting his popularity.

Additionally, the Obama campaign attacked the GOP for the February comments of radio personality Rush Limbaugh that referred to Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and “prostitute” after she testified about contraceptive coverage before a congressional hearing. The campaign alleged that the GOP was waging a “war on women” for its opposition to the mandate that contraceptives be included on the insurance plans of organizations regardless of their religious views.

Foreign affairs and missile defense also became an election topic after an open-microphone during a forum in South Korea captured President Obama tell Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, “[O]n all these issues, but particularly missile defense… This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Medvedev replied that he would “transmit this information to Vladimir [Putin]“. Romney criticized the comments, arguing “I think it’s very alarming for the President of the United States to suggest to Russia that he has a different agenda that he’s going to work out with the Russians after the elections”. He then labeled Russia as “without question, our number one geopolitical foe.” In response, Medvedev referenced the Cold War and advised the Romney campaign “to check their watches from time to time: it is 2012, not the mid-1970s.”

Might the GOP VP nominee come from Puerto Rico?

As Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney campaigned in Puerto Rico ahead of that territory’s March 18 Republican presidential primary, at his side was Puerto Rican governor Luis Fortuño. Fortuño had endorsed Romney for president, and has received mention as a potential vice presidential nominee. Commentators argue his presence on a ticket could draw Hispanic support to the GOP.

Fortuño was elected in 2008 as the first Republican governor in the territory since 1969. As governor, he sought government cuts and low corporate and individual tax rates in an attempt to improve economic conditions. Newsmax referred to his governorship as the “Puerto Rico Miracle” and labeled Fortuño a “Reaganite” whose “example should be followed in the United States”. Political analyst Larry Sabato proclaimed Fortuño “a godsend to the GOP”.

Luis Fortuño at a Florida CPAC event in September 2011.
Image: Gage Skidmore.

Significant talk about Fortuño and the vice presidency started last year. A Wall Street Journal editorial labeled Fortuño a “fine choice for Vice President” and GOP operative Roger Stone also endorsed the idea, saying the selection of Fortuño would “bring charisma, star power and excitement to the campaign.”

Such speculation heightened as the 2012 presidential race shifted to Puerto Rico in March. Fortuño campaigned with Romney, leading both CNN and Real Clear Politics to label him as a potential running mate. Fortuño did not comment much on the speculation, but preferred to discuss Romney, saying he believed that as president, Romney would push for Puerto Rican statehood. With Fortuño’s assistance, Romney was able to win the Puerto Rican contest with 83 percent of the vote. In his victory speech, Romney commented, “I intend to become our nominee and I intend to get Latino voters to vote for a Republican.” According to Fortuño himself, one way to accomplish this would be to select an Hispanic as a running mate.

Political consultant Dan Judy of North Star Opinion Research agrees. He tells Wikinews, “I don’t think there’s any one silver bullet that will bring a majority Hispanic voters to the Republican side, but I think the selection of Governor Fortuno would help, particularly among Puerto Rican voters living on the mainland.” According to a Fox News poll from March, Romney receives only 14 percent of the Hispanic vote in a matchup with President Obama, and Judy says that Puerto Ricans vote Democratic at an even higher rate than other Hispanic nationalities. He explains, “a Puerto Rican on the ticket would at least cause them to take a closer look at the GOP candidate.”

However, Judy warns that Fortuño’s eligibility may be questioned since Puerto Rico is not a state. Because of this, he says more attention is given to other Hispanic GOP politicians such as Nevada governor Brian Sandoval, New Mexico governor Susana Martinez and Senator Marco Rubio. Nevertheless, Sandoval is pro-choice on abortion, Martinez may conjure memories of 2008 VP nominee Sarah Palin, and Rubio is Cuban American, a group that largely already supports the GOP.

Constitutional scholar Dr. Ronald Rotunda of Chapman University tells Wikinews that eligibility might not be a concern after all. “In 1917, Congress provided, by statute that people born in Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States” says Rotunda, “while we have no case directly on point, it is probable that a person born in Puerto Rico is eligible to become President or Vice President.”

Democratic Party strips delegates

In the Oklahoma presidential primary, President Obama won the counties above in black while Randall Terry won the counties in gold and Jim Rogers won the counties in red.
Image: William S. Saturn.

Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry qualified for delegates in Oklahoma after winning 18 percent of the vote in the state’s Democratic primary against President Obama on Super Tuesday. However, the Democratic Party has decided to remove the delegates from Terry because of his failure to file a delegate slate and for not being a bona fide Democratic presidential candidate. Former U.S. Senate nominee Jim Rogers, who also qualified for delegates in the primary after winning over 15 percent in some congressional districts, was similarly stripped for failing to file.

In a letter to Terry, the Oklahoma Democratic Party detailed its decision, describing a bona fide presidential candidate as a “Democrat whose record of public service, accomplishment, public writings and/or public statements affirmatively demonstrates that he or she is faithful to the interests, welfare, and success of the Democratic Party of the United States and will participate in the Convention in good faith.” It concludes that Terry did not fit this description because he was recently a member of the Republican Party.

At the March 24 Louisiana Primary, attorney John Wolfe, Jr. qualified for delegates after receiving over 15 percent in some congressional districts of the state. It is not known at this time whether these delegates will be seated at the Democratic National Convention in August, or if he will be subject to the same decision as Terry and Rogers.

Wikinews contacted Wolfe and fellow Democratic Party candidates Bob Ely and Darcy Richardson to ask whether they were concerned the Democratic Party leadership would strip delegates from them if they qualified, and award them to President Obama. All three candidates appeared on the Louisiana primary ballot and will appear with Obama on the Texas ballot in May. Only Ely and Richardson appeared with Obama, Terry, and Rogers on the Oklahoma ballot.

  • John Wolfe, Jr.: “The rules are the rules, and like it or not, the delegates are mine. I am an attorney well schooled in many Constitutional Law issues and will make sure that the right thing is done. But, I expect that they will do the right thing and let me have the delegates I have earned. I understand that the good folks at the top of the Louisiana party were surprised at the insurgency ( what with a number of Cajuns howlin’ for the Bayou Wolf), but even when there is an overwhelming incumbent in the Presidency, the duty of party officials is to remain neutral and enforce the wishes that the Democratic Primary voters have expressed through the ballot box. Anything else would be a travesty of justice, especially considering the incumbent’s huge advantage in every respect.”
  • Bob Ely: “The system is stacked against interlopers. For example, the only thing on which there is complete agreement amongst both parties is that there is no need for a serious third party. So, concerned? Yes. Surprised? Not at all. Indeed, I would be surprised if Randall Terry were surprised.”
  • Darcy Richardson: “I’m not too worried about it. In the unlikely event that I win any delegates in the remaining Democratic primaries, my campaign — unlike those of single-issue interloper Randall Terry and the grossly incompetent Jim Rogers of Oklahoma — would file the necessary qualifying paperwork for my delegates within the time prescribed by party rules or statute. There’s no reason either of them shouldn’t have submitted the appropriate district delegate paperwork by Oklahoma’s March 15th deadline. I have no reason to believe that I wouldn’t be treated fairly by the Democratic Party. Moreover, I wholeheartedly agree with the DNC’s contention that Randall Terry, a lifelong Republican, isn’t a “bona-fide” candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. He’s an embryo-obsessing publicity seeker and showboat who has publicly stated on more than one occasion that he intends to run as an independent candidate in several battleground states this autumn with the sole purpose of trying to siphon enough traditionally Democratic Catholic votes from President Obama to throw those states to whichever one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse happens to win the Republican nomination. From Mitt Romney, a pump-and-dump takeover financier to Ron Paul’s failed Austrian economics and his call for a trillion dollars in spending cuts in the first year of his administration, it’s a scary lot…each determined to impose draconian austerity measures on the 99% while securing even greater tax cuts for those at the top.”

Party removes presidential nominee

The membership of the Boston Tea Party (BTP) removed Tiffany Briscoe as the party’s presidential nominee after it was discovered that she misrepresented herself as a graduate and member of the Board of Trustees of Howard Community College. Briscoe is actually just a student at the school.

Following her nomination, Briscoe spoke with Wikinews and said she would “probably be able to appear on [the ballots of] 14 to 15 states throughout the country”. After the removal, she has not responded to inquiries about the future of her campaign. Wikinews was able to contact parliamentary activist and Libertarian Party (LP) presidential candidate James Ogle, who is listed as Briscoe’s running mate on her website. As reported last month, Ogle won a majority of the votes over uncommitted at the Missouri Libertarian presidential primary. He says he is in the process of securing a spot for himself and Briscoe as a write-in ticket on the Texas general election ballot. Ogle also plans to be the running mate for five other women candidates including comedienne Roseanne Barr of the Green Party.

As for the BTP, a new nominee is expected to be announced shortly. Chairman Darryl Perry says the party may be approaching “the brink of death” but he remains optimistic. Though he makes no firm predictions about ballot access, Perry expects “voters in more than a dozen States” to be able to vote for the BTP nominee, including through write-in eligibility. He argues that the BTP can move beyond the setback and become a major third party if members increase their activity and “the LP allows itself to be taken over by those who would redefine ‘libertarian’.”

The BTP was founded in 2006 as an alternative to the LP. According to its platform, it “supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope and power of government at any level, for any purpose.” In 2008, the party nominated boxing manager Charles Jay, who appeared on three state ballots and won a total of 2,422 votes.

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This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

This text comes from Wikinews. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licence. For a complete list of contributors for this article, visit the corresponding history entry on Wikinews.

March 10, 2012

Super Tuesday 2012: President Obama loses a delegate to Randall Terry

Super Tuesday 2012: President Obama loses a delegate to Randall Terry

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Randall Terry.
Image: Marc Nozell.

President Barack Obama.

U.S. President Barack Obama was not able to secure all the delegates available at the Oklahoma Democratic primary on Super Tuesday. Though Obama finished in first place with 57 percent, anti-abortion activist Randall Terry was able to capture 18 percent of the vote, entitling him to at least one delegate. As a result, Obama may not be unanimously nominated at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in September.

Terry said in February, he hoped to win five or six percent. He received a boost when conservative icon Ann Coulter agreed to speak at his Oklahoma fundraiser. Additionally, he was able to spread his message through the state with television advertisements depicting aborted fetuses.

“There are still Democrats who love innocent babies more than they love the party” said Terry to the Tulsa World; and to the The Wall Street Journal, “Everyone will know what it means to be pro-life when this election cycle’s over.” According to The Wall Street Journal, he will appear on six more primary ballots, starting with New Jersey.

Along with the delegate, Terry also won twelve of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. However, he was not the only challenger to win counties; the 2010 U.S. Senate nominee for the Democratic Party in Oklahoma, Jim Rogers, won three. He finished in third place overall with 14 percent, one percent short of the threshold required to qualify for delegates. Progressive activist Darcy Richardson was fourth with six percent.

The last time an incumbent president was unable to win all the delegates during the presidential primaries was in 1996, when Bill Clinton-challenger Lyndon LaRouche won delegates in Louisiana and Virginia. The Democratic Party took them away, citing LaRouche’s views as “explicitly racist and anti-Semitic, and otherwise utterly contrary to the fundamental beliefs…of the Democratic Party”. LaRouche later sued but was unsuccessful.

Trav Robertson, interim executive director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party remarked, “In every primary there is a fringe candidate that appears on the ballot and attempts to capture delegates from a sitting president.” He cited LaRouche in 1996 as well as Pat Buchanan, Howard Phillips, and Alan Keyes who challenged George H.W. Bush in 1992.

On whether Terry would keep the delegate, Robertson declared, “The party is reviewing the election results and will abide by previously established rules regarding the allotment of delegates. No matter what, we know President Obama will win the majority of delegates at this year’s convention.”

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  • On the campaign trail, February 2012” — Wikinews, March 3, 2012
  • “Wikinews interviews Darcy Richardson, Democratic Party presidential challenger to Barack Obama” — Wikinews, November 25, 2011


This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

This text comes from Wikinews. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licence. For a complete list of contributors for this article, visit the corresponding history entry on Wikinews.

March 8, 2012

Super Tuesday 2012: Mitt Romney wins six of ten GOP contests

Super Tuesday 2012: Mitt Romney wins six of ten GOP contests

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won six of the ten U.S. Republican Party (GOP) presidential primary contests as part of Super Tuesday. Of the remaining four, former Senator Rick Santorum won three while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won one. Representative Ron Paul of Texas did not win any contests, but finished second in three.

Mitt Romney stands with his wife Ann before delivering his victory speech.
Image: Ryan Hutton/Boston University News Service.

Romney scored victories in Ohio, Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia, Idaho, and Alaska. In a victory speech to supporters in his home state of Massachusetts, he remarked, “tonight, we’ve taken one more step towards restoring the promise of tomorrow.” He focused his attacks on President Barack Obama, stating “this president’s run out of ideas. He’s run out of excuses. And in 2012, we’re going to get him out of … the White House.” Romney now has 415 of the 1144 delegates necessary to secure the GOP nomination.

Ohio had the closest margin with Romney defeating the second place Rick Santorum by roughly 10,000 votes or 0.8 percent. While Romney won largely urban and affluent counties, Santorum, of nearby Pennsylvania, won a majority of the counties with rural and blue-collar voters.

Despite the loss, Santorum was able to pull out victories in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and North Dakota, and now has a total of 176 delegates. He told supporters in Steubenville, Ohio, “We need…someone who learned what America was about by growing up in communities just like this…”. Referencing his opponents, he argued “in this race, there is only one candidate who can go up on the most important issue of the day and make the case, because I’ve never been for an individual mandate at a state or federal level.”

Newt Gingrich won his home state of Georgia, which had the most delegates available, increasing his total to 105. He vowed to remain in the race and thanked his supporters, proclaiming, “we are not going to allow the elite to decide who we are allowed to nominate…the national elite — especially in the Republican Party — had decided that a Gingrich presidency was so frightening that they had to kill it early. But, you, you wouldn’t let them do it.” He compared the campaign to the The Tortoise and the Hare fable, “There are lots of bunny rabbits that run through. I am the tortoise. I just take one step at a time.”

Ron Paul finished second in North Dakota, Virginia, and Vermont, and was a close third in Idaho and Alaska. He now has 47 delegates. In his speech to supporters, he said, “if you look at the candidates today, there is very little difference, except for one. … the rest of the candidates support the status quo.”

1541 delegates remain up for grabs. The next contests will take place on Saturday in Kansas, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the United States Virgin Islands.



This text comes from Wikinews. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licence. For a complete list of contributors for this article, visit the corresponding history entry on Wikinews.

June 17, 2011

Wikinews interviews U.S. Libertarian Party potential presidential candidate R.J. Harris

Wikinews interviews U.S. Libertarian Party potential presidential candidate R.J. Harris

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Libertarian presidential candidate R.J. Harris
Image: R.J. Harris.

R.J. Harris, a potential candidate for the U.S. Libertarian Party‘s presidential nomination, took some time to speak with Accredited Wikinews Reporter William Saturn about his campaign and issues positions.

Harris is an officer in the United States Army National Guard, currently serving in Afghanistan. He is also in his third year as a law student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Harris previously worked as an Air Traffic Controller and small business owner. He plans to enter the race in September after completing his tour in Afghanistan.

Others seeking the nomination include Libertarian activist R. Lee Wrights, radio host Jim Duensing, former Nevada Libertarian Party chair Jim Burns, marketing executive Roger Gary and attorney Carl Person. 2008 Vice presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root is also expected to make a run.


Ten personal questions were asked followed by ten policy questions.


Wikinews waves Left.pngWilliam SaturnWikinews waves Right.pngWhat are your some of your personal achievements?

Wikinews waves Left.pngR.J. HarrisWikinews waves Right.pngBeing chosen by Jennifer R. Friend and her family to be her husband and keeping them happy for the last 20 years. Helping her raise our five children. Serving as a Soldier and Officer of the Republic for the last 20 years at home and on four deployments with honor, award and distinction.

Completing my training and certification as an Air Traffic Controller in the Federal Aviation Administration. Continuing my education in Philosophy and Law when time, convenience and the rigors of leading a family easily could have dissuaded me.

Running a principled U.S. Congressional Campaign which was based upon the Constitution and the Philosophy of Liberty and which NEVER personally attacked my opponent but engaged him rigorously on policy and the issues. Getting up, when Life knocks me down.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngWhat are your goals in life?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngTo love and be loved by my family. To reason well. To be Free. To protect the innocent. To defend the Lives, Liberty and Property of my fellow Citizens of the Republic. To restore the Constitution and the Republic. To help ensure our Founders‘ vision of Freedom is finally realized by the entire body politic.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngHave you ever been arrested or charged with a crime?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngNo.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngWhat historical or contemporary figures do you admire?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngThe Philosophers who argued for the importance of Reason, Freedom and Liberty. The statespersons who were audacious enough to put those philosophies into practice, even at the expense of their own Lives, Liberty or Property.

Every single Soldier, Sailor, Airperson, Marine, Doctor and/or Nurse who has fought with honor to defend the Republic, even if I will never know all their names, as well as their spouses who supported them in that endeavor. Every person — great and not — who has struggled for the full equality of the body politic.

First among these for me are King Leonidas, Pericles , Jesus, Cicero, Pelagius, Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, John Locke, Voltaire, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Paine, John Paul Jones, Fredric Bastiat, Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglass, Col. Robert Gould Shaw, Settainte (White Bear), Set-ankeah (Sitting Bear), George Patton, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Charles Allen Rochelle, Dr. Richard Michael Settainte Harris, Sam W. Barnes, Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Aspasia, Hypatia, Mary Magdalene, every woman tortured to death for refusing to either declare herself a witch (or renounce the same) to the Church, Anne Boleyn, Mary Wollstonecraft, Betsy Ross, Annie Oakley, Molly Brown, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Rosalie Rochelle, Nicole Kidman, Danica Patrick, Debra Medina, D. Jill Barnes, and Jennifer R. Harris.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngWho did you support in the 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008 presidential elections?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngPat Buchanan, George W. Bush, George W. Bush, Ron Paul. Earlier on in my adult life, my political activities were limited to voting for the same party candidates as had my parents. However, as I began to read the Constitution thoroughly, and in the wake of its many abuses perpetrated by those same candidates, I began looking for others who espoused to strictly follow the Constitution as well as the Founders’ Philosophies which underlie it.

This pursuit led me to Ron Paul and the discovery of Libertarianism. I will never again vote for any candidate based upon their party affiliation. What will now and forever dominate my decision is a candidate’s demonstrated commitment to the Constitution and the Philosophy of Liberty.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngHave you run for public office previously?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngYes, I was a U.S. Congressional Candidate from Oklahoma’s 4th District. Due to no ballot access in Oklahoma for Libertarian Party Candidates at that time, I ran as a “Ron Paul” Libertarian Republican. Though Ron himself has a policy of non-endorsement of GOP [Republican] primary challengers against GOP incumbents, I was able to secure the endorsement of Senator Rand Paul for my congressional campaign.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngWhy did you choose to run as a Libertarian?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngBecause no other party so ardently champions the Philosophy of Liberty over Socialism and Constitutional Governance over Tyranny. Were they alive today, every single one of the Founders would be Libertarians. Since that age, each new generation’s battle to tear down the scourges of racism, sexism, classism, bigotry, political persecution and/or religious intolerance, has been made possible by appeal to the principles espoused in the Constitution even if the people who ratified it were limited by the tolerance levels of their own generation.

Thus has the time come for candidates running on our Founders’ Platform to rise up, proud of the political lineage whose generations’ long aim has been the complete equality of the body politic, yet humble and weary of how prejudice undermines that legacy as well as the Philosophy of Liberty itself. Giving in to socialism will not erase the moral mistakes of the past, but it will return our children to the states of slavery and involuntary servitude against which we have so long struggled.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngWhat do you feel sets you apart from your fellow contenders for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngI do more than preach Libertarianism, or prognosticate about all the ways the GOP or the DNC [Democrat] candidates will most certainly carry on with their tyrannies and usurpations of power, given the opportunity.

I articulate bold policy positions, as well as the means to institute them, based upon the Philosophy of Liberty and the Constitution with the aim of restoring Freedom, Liberty and the Republic. This is the definition of political courage, as taking these strong positions makes me a target for the bullets and blows of the enemies of Liberty.

But we are in the fight of our age and we must have champions willing to trade blows with the enemy, not merely repeat Libertarian platitudes. Educational campaigns have been the mainstay of the Libertarian Party since its founding; but if we are going to take that next step — to actually convince the body politic that we can put into policy that which we preach, then we must nominate a candidate who is not afraid step out, armed with the courage of conviction and lead on every issue.

Of course our ability to do this is tied to cogent articulation of the philosophy which underlies our political ideology, but for too long have our other candidates engaged in academic debates for their own sake, and not actually deigned to apply that for which they argue to that which they will do. That being said, the biggest thing that separates me from my Libertarian Colleagues is that I am not running this race merely to educate or to increase the Party’s ballot access; I am running to win and I believe with all my heart that we can be — and that we must be — victorious.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngHow often do you campaign and how would that change if you won the nomination?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngI campaign for several hours each day. Once I win the nomination the only thing that will change is that I will have to add much more travel to the schedule.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngIf elected, what would you do as president?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngI will defend the Republic and the Lives, Liberty and Property of We the People. This I will do by way of projecting to the world our strength at home and in International Waters; and by ending all government infringements of the Constitution and of the People’s Natural Rights. The authority to act on this promise is found in the President’s constitutional Oath of Office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” I will do no more than this and certainly no less.


Wikinews waves Left.pngWilliam SaturnWikinews waves Right.pngWhat necessary freedoms are currently lacking in American society?

Wikinews waves Left.pngR.J. HarrisWikinews waves Right.pngWith the exception of the 3rd Amendment, the Natural Rights codified in, and the privileges and immunities established by, the remaining nine amendments of the Bill of Rights, along with elements of the 13th and 14th amendments, are routinely infringed by all three branches of the federal government through their collective and Progressive Establishment of Socialism in place of Freedom and Liberty.

These charges are made manifest by appeal to some of the very same made by the Founders of this Republic against the King of England for promulgating some of the same tyrannies which are now being foisted upon We the People by our own federal government.

To enumerate only a few levied by the Declaration of Independence our federal government has

1. “…erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their Substance.”

2. “…kept among us, in Times of Peace, [and at our expense] standing Armies…”

3. “…combined with others NATO and the United Nations to subject us to a Jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution, and unacknowledged by our Laws; giving [its] Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation.”

4. “…[cut]off our Trade with all Parts of the World [for products or services with which the elected majority finds disfavor]”

5. “…[imposed] taxes upon us without our consent [by way of deficit spending which will have to be repaid by those not yet old enough to vote]”

6. “…suspended Habeas Corpus and deprived “…us in many Cases of the Benefits of Trial by Jury [The Patriot Act and GITMO]

7. “…[taken] away our Charters, [abolished] our most valuable Laws, and [altered] fundamentally the Forms of our Governments” [this referring to the federal government’s many infringements of out states’ sovereignty]

8. “…[declared] themselves invested with Power to legislate for us in [nearly] all Cases whatsoever” [by way of gross misuse of the Commerce Clause, the Supremacy Clauses as well as many others to pass, sign and uphold onerous legislation which would never be countenanced by a free People]

9. waged the Drug and Terror “…War(s) against us [and in so doing] has plundered our Seas, ravaged our Coasts, burned [or seized] our [property], [invaded our privacy, killed citizens attempting to defend their property, sexually assaulted women and children attempting to travel] and destroyed the Lives of our People.”

“In every stage of these Oppressions we have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble Terms [by begging for the cessation of: bailouts (TARP), social welfares (Obama Care), undeclared foreign Wars (Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq and Libya), taxation without representation and the devaluation of our Wealth (deficit spending and the over-printing of a declining and unconstitutional paper currency), the theft and destruction of our Property (Eminent Domain) along with the killing and incarceration of our People (the Civil War on Drugs), the sexual assault of our Women and Children in the name of security (TSA), the gross infringements of our Privacy (the Patriot Act) ]:

Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated Injury [after TARP came bailouts for a host of corporations, the social welfares are too numerous to list, the War in Libya goes on despite its gross unconstitutionality as does the War in Afghanistan despite having met the objectives contained in the Letter of Reprisal authorizing our actions there, the debt limit is about to be raised once again, the Federal Reserve continues its quantitative easing (money printing), the Civil War on Drugs rages on despite the previous failure of prohibition and trillions spent to curb private behavior in the name of morality all to no avail, the sexual assaults being perpetrated by the TSA continue despite several state legislatures attempting to nullify them, the Patriot Act was just extended and all of this despite most of these actions not having the approval of the VAST majority of the People].

A Prince [or central Government] whose Character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the Ruler of a free People.”

It should be clear then by the enumeration of this “long Train of Abuses and Usurpations,” which represents but a tiny fraction of the same which our central government is using to pursue “invariably the same Object” and that it “evinces a Design to reduce [us] under absolute Despotism.”

Thus by the precedent established by the Declaration of Independence, and the Founding of the Republic itself under similar, if not even less trying circumstances, that it is the Right and Duty of We the People to use the political process still available to us to “throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for [our] future Security” as well as restore our Constitution and our Republic.

As a potential Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination I would encourage the People to begin this restorative political process by electing to the Office of President the MOST Constitutionally Libertarian Candidate available and to continue it by doing the same in the election of all future federal representatives to the Congress REGARDLESS of their perceived political experience.

For certainly it is the case that nearly every single member of all three branches of the federal government are very experienced career politicians and yet the state of our Republic and the condition of our Freedom and Liberty are worse off now that they have been at any time since our founding.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngWhen is government necessary?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngTo protect the Lives, Liberty and Property of the Citizens of the Republic.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngIn a market with little or no government regulation, what prevents an entity from seizing the entire means of production and becoming the new main regulator?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngThe freedom and innovation of inventors and the entrepreneurialism of their investors to produce substitute markets, products and/or services to compete with any of the same being seized or monopolized.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngIn context of government’s role, what are your stands on the legality of incest, bestiality and child pornography?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngAs reprehensible as are incest and bestiality, policing them remains a matter of state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment. However, allowance of child pornography entails the government’s enforcement of 5th, 13th and 14th Amendment violations against children and could therefore be policed by the Federal Government should the States or Native Nations fail to do so.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngDo you disagree with any parts of the Bill of Rights?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngNo.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngShould the people of the United States have a right to constitutionally amend the Bill of Rights to increase the power of the federal government and limit individual rights?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngYes, according to Locke, our Founders, Bastiat and the Philosophy of Liberty, no government actions conducted outside the consent of the People are legitimate. The Constitution is our codification of that consent and, as such, it is supreme over all other political ideologies. Of course I would very publicly argue, using the Philosophy of Liberty, for the People to NEVER consider such measures but it is their right to affect them by way of the amendment process.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngShould the lives of American citizens be valued above citizens of other nations?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngAs it applies to the Natural Rights, those being Life, Liberty and Property, of all People found to be under the jurisdiction of the United States; no. However, as it applies to providing for the common Defense of We the People and the Republic; yes.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngWhat are your views on immigration?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngI will fight to eliminate the social welfare state and the high taxes required to pay for it, which are chasing our jobs and prosperity overseas. Simultaneously, I will seek from the Congress a very robust and permissive immigration policy to help grow our middle class, making us more competitive with other emerging markets around the world.

I will deploy the U.S. Marshals backed up by the National Guard to protect Border State property owners from violent cross-border organized crime enterprises and syndicates.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngWhen is war necessary?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngWhen the Lives, Liberty or Property of We the People are being infringed by a foreign entity.

Wikinews waves Left.pngWSWikinews waves Right.pngAre you a truther, birther, neither or both?

Wikinews waves Left.pngRHWikinews waves Right.pngNeither, although I do intend to ensure the highest level of executive and administrative transparency which will do much to resolve the propensity of some towards conspiracy theories, as well as expose potential conspiracies before they can fully develop. Since this transparency has been sorely lacking from our government of late, I will direct the Department of Justice to fully investigate any reasonably perceived recent lapses in the executive oversight of the federal government’s activities.


This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

This text comes from Wikinews. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licence. For a complete list of contributors for this article, visit the corresponding history entry on Wikinews.
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