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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Introduction La Fest is an inter school cultural fiesta hosted by Loyola School, Trivandrum. It is the brain work of the 12th graders and executed by the 11th graders. La Fest usually happens by the month on June every year and is an annual conclave. As of 2016 La Fest has completed 2 decades and the legacy keeps on rolling. La Fest 2016 would be conducted on June 25th 2016 with the participation of over a 20 vibrant schools in Trivandrum. Though it is a one-day fest it cherishes all the people gathered over there a lifelong memory. There are 6 traditional events happening every year and a seventh new-event which keeps on changing each year. After the competition there would also be a professional show featuring the leading singer or band then. Famous bands like Avial, Thaikkudam Bridge, etc. and renowned singers and musicians like Stephen Devassy, Job Kurian, Balabhaskar, etc. have rocked the La Fest stage. This annual conclave gives a hype to all the schools in Trivandrum who wants to start up their classes with a huge leap. The letters LA means Life & Arts Fest, where they believe that Life meets Arts during this gigantic festival.

Events 1) Harmony – It is a band event where singing notes matter. The different schools compete with each others with their vocal prowess. 2) Enquesta – It is a quizzing event where brains ‘should’ be better than brawn. 3) Block ‘N Tangles – It is an event where your IQ mixes with a bit of creativity, humor and wit. 4) La Persona – It is a personality contest where you explain who you are. 5) Dance O Mania – It is a group dancing event where inertia plays a big role. 6) Shoot @ Sight – It is a photography event where the camera is your rifle. 7) It depends each year because it is the New event – Rock ‘N Role(2011) Laugh-A-Thon(2013) Red Rum Case(2014) The Martingale Hustle(2015) Silver Screen(2016).


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