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April 2, 2008

Taiwan Textile Foundation markets \”2008 Taipei In Style\” in Cross-Straits

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2008 Taipei In Style
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“2008 Taipei In Style”, a fashion show in textile industry in Taiwan, was confirmed to be scheduled on July 10 to 13 at Taipei Show (TWTC Hall 2). Before the main show, the Taiwan Textile Foundation, show organizer, chose 2008 FUSE Textile Week (FUSE 2008) at Da Jia Jenn Lann Temple (in Chinese: 大甲鎮瀾宮) in Taichung County and 2008 China International Clothings and Accessories Fair (CHIC 2008) at International Exhibition Center of Beijing in China as its promotional stages.

2008 FUSE Textile Week, a showcase of modern textile technology in Taichung County.Image: Rico Shen.

2008 FUSE Textile Week, a showcase of modern textile technology in Taichung County.
Image: Rico Shen.

At the CHIC 2008, the Taiwan Textile Foundation chose March 30 as the “‘Taipei In Style’ Day” and invited several fashion designers in Taiwan to showcase their new designs on trend clothings and purses.

By the way of 2008 FUSE Textile Week, some fashion designers showcased their designs with the other styles in conjunction with traditional culture, energy saving, and modern technology echoed with main theme of “2008 Taichung County Mazu International Festival” (in Chinese: 2008年臺中縣大甲媽祖國際觀光文化節). By the way, Taiwan Textile Foundation also elected 17 fashion designer in the qualification of fashion showcase final stage at “2008 Taipei In Style”.


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