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December 5, 2008

Sunshine Coast Council ratifies McDonald’s development rejection

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The 24 hour McDonalds at Mooloolaba

December 5, 2008

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia – The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has formally ratified the rejection of the 24 hour McDonald’s in Minyama. The decision comes after council rejected the proposal earlier this week at a general committee meeting.

McDonald’s forwarded an 11th hour compromise to deputy mayor Tim Dwyer in order to overturn the decision. The compromised had included reducing the opening hours to 6am to 10pm Sunday to Thursday and until 12am Friday and Saturday.

Should McDonald’s respect Sunshine Coast Regional Councils decision?
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Local member of federal parliament Peter Slipper has said that any new development be given serious and honest consideration to the various potential impacts on the community.

“It is important that any new development, including fast food outlets, give serious and honest consideration to the various potential impacts of the project on the community. This is important as society strives to balance the need for development with the need to support the lifestyle choices and wishes of residents,” said Mr Slipper in an e-mail to Wikinews.

Local residents who had opposed the development had support from local councilor Chris Thompson. “We already have a 24-hour McDonald’s at Mooloolaba, only one kilometre away, and there are already [anti-social] issues at that site,” he said.

Councillors ratified the rejection unanimously. McDonald’s will now fight the decision in court.

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  • Alan Lander “Maccas bid fails but fight not over”. Sunshine Coast Daily, December 5, 2008
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