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December 2, 2008

Minyama residents promise to keep fighting to stop McDonald’s development

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Residents in Minyama, on Queensland, Australia’s Sunshine Coast, have vowed to keep fighting the development of a 24-hour McDonald’s on Nicklin Way. Last week, Sunshine Coast Regional Council officers recommended that construction be given the go ahead.

Councillor Chris Thompson, who represents Division 4 in the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, has said that he will recommend that it be rejected at the general committee meeting.

Should the Sunshine Coast Regional Council approve the construction of a 24 hour McDonalds in Minyama?
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“I’m pretty sure I’m the only councillor who already has a 24-hour McDonald’s in my division,” Councillor Thompson said, “we have enough issues with that one, and this is overkill.”

The 24-hour McDonald’s in Councillor Thompson’s division, in Mooloolaba, is part of a larger complex and does not back onto residential premises.

“I would have thought that the anti-social elements in society do not observe fixed days and hours,” protest group spokesman John Meyer-Gleaves said.

“And council says the problem associated with increased vehicle noise has been addressed by stating that parking will be in the front of the building.

“But all [drive-through] traffic goes around the back of the building and will impact on the residents of Chelsea Crescent.”

Local member of federal parliament Peter Slipper was emailed for comment but has yet to reply.


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