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April 30, 2009

Car plows into crowd during Dutch Queen’s Day celebrations

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Location of Apeldoorn in Gelderland

Layout of the incident. Red is the path of the car, orange the path of the coach carrying the royal family.

Four people have died and at least 13 are injured after a car plowed into a crowd in front of Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands during celebrations of Queen’s Day. At around 11:50 local time a black Suzuki Swift went through barriers erected to separate the onlooking crowd from traffic and subsequently struck a monument. Members of the Dutch royal family watched the incident take place from the open-topped bus. The incident was witnessed by many onlookers and photographers as well by media covering the


“He came out of nowhere and dragged ten to fifteen people. There is blood everywhere and people being resuscitated” a photographer following the parade for De Telegraaf said.

At around 12:00, all official activities in Apeldoorn were cancelled. Other Dutch cities have also cancelled or scaled back activities, such as the Radio 538 concert in Amsterdam and all celebrations in Rotterdam. The mayor of Apeldoorn stated: “A good day has ended as a drama.” Offical Flags throughout the Netherlands have been placed at half-mast. The Queen responded in a video speech and stated her sympathy with the victims.

During a press conference held at 15:45 in the afternoon, police reported the man, who was still conscious but heavily injured after the accident, had told police that it was a deliberate act. It was also reported that the 38 year old man, a Dutch national, had not been in contact with the police until earlier that day when he was stopped at one of the barriers. He had no history of psychological problems and there were no indications that any sort of terrorist group was involved.

The Queen’s Day celebrations, observing the birthday of the Dutch monarch, takes place annually on April 30. Citizens of the country traditionally celebrate by holding late-night markets and decorating the streets of the Netherlands in orange bunting, honoring the House of Orange.


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