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August 31, 2012

Wikinews interviews 55 time Paralympic medalists Trischa Zorn

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Trischa Zorn
Image: Laura Hale.

London, England — Earlier today, Wikinews interviewed 55 total, 46 time gold swimming Paralympic medalist Trischa Zorn of the United States.

Trischa Zorn interview.ogg

Wikinews interviews Trischa Zorn

Zorn discusses a variety of issues, including frustrations with the classification system that have disadvantaged some United States swimmers because of what she sees as its subjective nature. She also talks about the increased visibility of the Games, how things have changed from when she started in 1980 to the current 2012 Summer Paralympics. Zorn discusses how sponsorship has evolved from her early time participating, and issues with the Paralympics inside the United States at the present.

Yesterday, Zorn was inducted into the International Paralympic Hall of Fame at a ceremony yesterday in London. Having last competed in the 2004 Summer Paralympics, if she was swimming today, she would be classified as an S12 swimmer. She currently works for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, helping returning United States soldiers adjust to life as civilians.


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