Wikinews interviews Greg Smith, Australian Paralympic flag bearer

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Friday, September 7, 2012

2012 Summer Paralympics

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London, England— Wednesday, following his team’s 64 points to 52 win over Canada, Wikinews interviewed Greg Smith of Australia‘s national wheelchair rugby team.

Wikinews waves Left.pngLaura HaleWikinews waves Right.png You were the flag bearer for Australia. The Canadians had a flag bearer out there. Any special meaning in this game with two flag bearers from your sport?

Greg Smith: I don’t think so. … When we meet Canada it’s always a bit of a fight, and I think that’s what happened tonight.

Wikinews waves Left.pngLaura HaleWikinews waves Right.png Before this game we had an opportunity to talk to [one of the founders] of the sport, Duncan Campbell, and he said the Canadians were supposed to beat you by a few points.

Greg Smith: Did he? You better find the founder of the game and tell him that they still have a bit of work to do there.

Wikinews waves Left.pngHawkeye7Wikinews waves Right.png You’ve already got [three] Paralympic gold medals, and yet you switched to wheelchair rugby. Why was that?

Greg Smith: Yeah. I’d had a good time with racing. I’d achieved the things I wanted to achieve. I had some time off. Wheelchair rugby came along and I started to play recreationally. The competitive juices got flowing again and here we are.

Wikinews waves Left.pngLaura HaleWikinews waves Right.png You guys think you have a serious shot at the medals?

Greg Smith:Look, if we can do the things we’ve been training on, and the things we have to work on, we’ve got just as much of a shot as everybody else. We’ll just keep doing it process by process.

Wikinews waves Left.pngLaura HaleWikinews waves Right.png You played a great game.

Greg Smith: Thank you.


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