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February 28, 2013

Austria wins friendly team competition at the end of the IPC Alpine World Championships

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The IPC Alpine World Championships wrapped up yesterday in La Molina, Spain with a friendly, non-medal counting team event won by Austria. The winner was tabulated based on the fastest score for a visually impaired skier on the team, a female skier on the team and a male skier on the team. The Austrian team included Markus Salchet, Roman Rabl and Claudia Loesch for times counted, with Philipp Bonadimann, Thomas Grochar and Martin Wuerz also competing. The team event included ten teams representing eight countries, with the United States and Canada having two teams each and 54 skiers competing.

The United States team 1 came in second with Tayler Walker, Markus Bathum and Alana Nichols times counting, and Heath Calhoun, Ralph Green and Allison Jones also belonging to the team. Russia came in second with Ivan Frantseva, Alexandr Alyabyev and Mariya Papulova having their scores counted. Hosts Spain finished last with Jon Santacana, Óscar Espallargas and Úrsula Pueyo having their times counting, and Gabriel Gorce and Nathalie Carpanedo also members of the Spanish team.

The next major competition ahead of the 2014 Winter Paralympics is the test event in Sochi, Russia in March of this year.

Thomas Grochar on his run
Image: Laura Hale.

Solene Jambaque of France on her run
Image: Laura Hale.

Marie Bochet, five IPC Alpine World Championships gold medal winning skiing, on her run
Image: Laura Hale.

Canadian visually impaired skier Viviane Forest and Chloe and her guide Lauzon-Gauthier on their run
Image: Laura Hale.

Austrian skier Roman Rabl
Image: Laura Hale.

Gabriel Gorce and his guide on their run for Spain
Image: Laura Hale.

Visually impaired Canadian skier Mac Marcoux and guide BJ Marcoux experience problems on their run
Image: Laura Hale.

Stephani Victor skis for Team USA 2
Image: Laura Hale.

Martin France skis for Slovakia
Image: Laura Hale.

Jon Santacana and Miguel Galindo ski for Spain
Image: Laura Hale.

Braydon Luscombe of Canada
Image: Laura Hale.

Allison Jones of the United States for Team USA 1
Image: Laura Hale.

Fredric Francois of France
Image: Laura Hale.

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