Arch Enemy singer Angela Gossow quits

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Angela Gossow works the crowd at a gig in Brazil in 2007.
Image: Alexandre Cardoso.

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Angela Gossow, longtime singer for Swedish extreme metal band Arch Enemy, announced yesterday via the band’s Facebook page she is leaving the band.

“After 13 years of pure fucking metal, 6 studio albums and countless tours through five continents, I feel the need to enter a different phase in my life, be with my family and pursue other interests.” Gossow says she will stay on to manage Arch Enemy and plans to manage other acts as well.

She added “I am passing the torch to the super talented Alissa White-Gluz, whom I’ve known as a dear friend and a superb vocalist for many years.” White-Gluz leaves The Agonist, of Canada and another extreme metal band.

Cquote1.svg After 13 years of pure fucking metal[…] I feel the need to enter a different phase in my life Cquote2.svg

—Angela Gossow

White-Gluz remarks she is “very honoured and happy to announce a new chapter in my life and musical career[…] I have joined forces with one of my all-time favourite and globally respected bands”. The Agonist have replaced her with Vicky Psarakis, whom they describe as “very talented” and “thrilled” to have.

Founded in 1995, Arch Enemy replaced founding vocalist Johan Liiva with Gossow in 2000. She made her recorded debut with the band the following year on Wages of Sin. Fans are set to hear White-Gluz’s vocals in June with the release of War Eternal.

Gossow said yesterday “Right now I am listening through rough mixes of the new studio album and I am blown away!” Fan reaction to the announcement has been mixed, with the most-liked Facebook comment by far being “Arch Enemy without Angela Gossow is not Arch Enemy anymore”.

Cquote1.svg Music is forever, metal is limitless and this is only the beginning! Cquote2.svg

—Alissa White-Gluz

Founding member, leader, and head songwriter Michael Amott said “We welcome Alissa with open arms — and we hope you will have open ears.” Arch Enemy are producing the new album themselves, as they did with their previous effort, Khaos Legions, in 2011.

White-Gluz said yesterday “It is not often that you get a phone call from your favorite band asking you to join!” She added “Music is forever, metal is limitless and this is only the beginning!”


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