Entertainers and sportspeople make their stops at 2007 Taipei IT Month

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Monday, December 10, 2007

2007 Taipei IT Month
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Recently on two weekends of 2007 Taipei IT Month, some entertainers from Hong Kong and Taiwan and basketball players from Super Basketball League chose their promotional stage at 2007 Taipei IT Month to promote their and exhibitors’ notabilities. Apparently, it caused their fans and crowded public visiting IT Month on two weekends.

Last week from December 1 & 2, members from MACHI brothers Stanley Huang and Jeff Huang, and a singer from Hong Kong Karen Mok visited this show to help exhibitors promote their new products and activities. On the other hand, a Taiwanese band “DA Mouth” and a famous Taiwanese singer Waa Wei successively held small concerts in the showground, this is differ than before because lots of medium-small concerts often held in the PAMC K-Mall or Ximending.

At recent 2 days (December 8 & 9), 5 players from Taiwan Beer Basketball Team like Chih-chieh Lin, Xing-liang Lou, Xiao-yuan Ha, Shih-nien Chen, and Shou-cheng He helped Asia Pacific Telecom Inc. for the cellular phone charity bidding. Not only this, entertainers like Rainie Yang, Sonia Sui, and a Taiwanese women musical group Hei Se Hui Mei Mei all successively visited booths of Ergotech Corp., Mio Technology, and Chinese Gamer International Corp. in this show.

In fact, this phenomenon, a company invited notable people to visit a show, often appeared at some consuming shows in the Taipei World Trade Center especially on gaming or IT shows. It often brought profits for entertainers, sportspeople, media, consumer, and companies as they separately gained what they need each other.

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