Kenya troops enter Somalia after kidnappings

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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The al-Shabab are believed to have abducted tourists from the Coast Province of Kenya.

The Kenyan army moved into Southern Somalia Sunday, acting against the al-Shabab militant group. Two recent kidnappings by Somalis from island resorts have cost the Kenyan tourist industry.

The UK Foreign Office has issued an advisory against travelling to the Kenya–Somalia border. Kenya’s foreign minister has said Kenyans must “defend your country, you must defend the security of your people and in doing so, you have to go for these people where they are”. He also went on to say they were acting on request of the government of Somalia.

A spokesperson for the al-Shabab militant group shouted, “Are you ready to live under Christians?” on a militant local Somali radio station, advocating a holy war.

Omar Osman, a spokesperson for the Somali government, said Kenyan logistical support was welcome, but Kenyan troops were unnecessary.