A wave of violence still surges over Jerusalem

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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This morning, October 13th, 2 Israelis were killed and 16 were injured as a result of an attack on a bus in Jerusalem. This is but one of the several violent occurrences from this morning, as a part of the recent surge of violence in the region.

The Israeli police stated that among the 16 injured this morning during the attack on the bus in Jerusalem, some had been severely hurt. The police also said that the two Palestinian assailants opened fire and stabbed the passengers on the bus. Israeli forces arrived at the location and neutralized the attackers, one of whom was killed.

Earlier this morning, several other attacks on Israeli territory, committed by Palestinians, have been reported. One Israeli citizen was killed and more were injured during knife and vehicle attacks in major Israeli cities such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Raanana. In most cases the assailants were shot down by Israeli security forces or citizens.

These events follow a seemingly endless surge of violence afflicting Israel and the Palestinian National Authority this past month. The violence spreading through Israel and the West Bank originated from a struggle over the holy sites in Jerusalem. So far 30 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds were wounded during recent events, whereas 7 Israelis were killed and dozens were wounded.