Frontal system wreaks havoc in central zone of Chile

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Referential Photo – Rain in San Javier, Maule Region in Chile
Image: Superzerocool.

From the Saturday afternoon and during this whole Sunday, it has been raining strong in the central zone, especially in the cities of Santiago, Valparaíso and Rancagua, which have caused various problems such as overflowing rivers, flooding in homes and streets, and water cuts because of the turbidity of the rivers that distribute the element in Santiago.

During the day in the capital, the Mapocho river entered the tunnels of the Costanera Norte and this caused that the water is come out of its natural course and flooded several streets and avenues of the commune of Providencia, has worked intensively throughout the morning in clearing the streets and so enable vehicular traffic in these sectors.

Also on account of the floods, has had to perform the closure of various shops of the capital, among them the mall Costanera Center where his owner, Horst Paulmann, confirmed that it was going to keep closed all through this day to draw water that got both to mall and the parking lots are there in place. The mall was reopened Monday.

Moreover, also be it has had to suspend classes across all communes of the province of Santiago, San Bernardo, Puente Alto and San José de Maipo due to water cut that affects a large part of the region. The suspension is valid for all subsidized and privates individuals, this also applies from preschool through high school, while municipal schools, universities are the ones that should define their situation criterion.

According to balance sheets delivered by the National Emergency Office (ONEMI), the frontal system has left nationally: 358 on the street, 429 remained isolated, 7 people are missing, 87 homes were damaged (21 strong damage) 21 people in shelters and 12,707 customers are without power between the regions of Valparaiso and O’Higgins.

In the metropolitan region, there is a person who died in a landslide that was registered in the sector of the peach the commune of San José de Maipo, there are 10 people that are kept missing and that they are being sought by Group Special Operations Carabineros de Chile (GOPE). 29 communes of the province of Santiago are without drinking water (4 million people on average), the service of potable water started be replenished gradually during the day.

In the region of Valparaiso, 5 thousand customers of communes of El Tabo, The Quisco and Algarrobo, they remained without the potable water supply due to of water turbidity in the Aconcagua river; also 75 homes were flooded by the fallen amount of water in the region.

In the region of O’Higgins, it has reported the amount of 3 people remain missing at the time and stay the tide of river Cachapoal is located in the area of the commune of Doñihue.

In as much, border complexes Aguas Negras, Los Libertadores, Pehuenche and Vergara remain closed due of adverse weather conditions and possible mudslides that may occur in the high Cordillera of the central zone.

The Ministry of Labor in Chile also informed that businesses and commercial premises that are located without drinking water, they can not force their workers attend them. In addition, local food and restaurants also must address if they do not have the supply for reasons of health.

During the Monday morning, ONEMI decided to continue early preventive alert the frontal system in the areas of Coquimbo, Valparaíso, Maule and Aysén; meanwhile, the yellow alerts are kept in the communes of Machalí, Rancagua, Requínoa, Doñihue, {w|Olivar}} and in the region of O’Higgins due to the increased flow of Cachapoal river; and red alerts that apply to the entire metropolitan region water cut, and the region of O’Higgins, the communes of San Fernando, Placilla, Nancagua and Chimbarongo also remain for the moment with alerts in place.


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