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May 4, 2008

351 dead after Burma cyclone

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

351 people have been reported dead after a cyclone hit Burma, which is also known as Myanmar. As a result it has been declared by the Burmese government that five states are currently disaster areas.

A photograph of the cyclone

A photograph of the cyclone

A diplomat in the area spoke to the Reuters news agency, giving them a description of the scene. He said that the area around him looked like a ‘war zone’ as a result of the cyclone.

An official from the United Nations also commented on the situation. “It’s a bad situation. Almost all the houses are smashed. People are in a terrible situation,” he said.

Another UN representative also spoke on the incident. He reported that “The Irrawaddy delta was hit extremely hard not only because of the wind and rain but because of the storm surge.”

The Daily Telegraph , a UK newspaper, reported that the food price in Burma could be affected by this incident.

This story has updates.

See Thousands reported dead after Burma cyclone.


Wikipedia has an article about Cyclone_Nargis#Burma.
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