Libya Boat Disaster

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Shocking Libya Disaster[]

Hai All, My self Srikanth. I am an Indian, by seeing this Libya cliping Disaster. I totally shocked. How a person living in this world.

File:Libya disaster.jpg

The number of persons going in a single boat facing a life risk situation means, how they are facing the problems in their own country. This issue should be taken seriously by all the countries in the world. So that this situation will not effect to all other countries in the world. As i sawn some of the countries stopping the persons coming from effected countries. A similar situation faces by these countries what they would to do. So think clearly before stopping them or give a solution to their problems. So that it is good for all the people in the whole world.
At Last I Salute for the Italian Navy who were saved the lifes of 500 Libya People.

People in the World Have only one Life[]
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