Corbyn to be included on UK Labour leadership election ballot

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

On Tuesday, the Labour Party governing body and the National Executive Committee (NEC) decided that current leader Jeremy Corbyn would be included in the party’s leadership election without requiring the support of 51 MPs and MEPs. Speaking outside the meeting, Corbyn said that he was “delighted”. In a separate decision, the NEC has stated that all who joined the party after January 2016 will be required to pay £25 in order to vote in the leadership election. On Wednesday, ex-work and pensions secretary Owen Smith announced his standing for the Labour Party leadership.

NEC decides Corbyn is to be included on leadership Ballot[]

The NEC came to a decision yesterday concerning the interpretation of the Labour party rules. “Where there is no vacancy, nominations may be sought by potential challengers,” the contention was over whether Corbyn himself was to be counted as a challenger. Jeremy Corbyn stated that he had been provided legal advice regarding the nomination requirement whereas rival MPs said they had received legal advice to the contrary. The NEC decided by secret ballot that Jeremy was correct in his statement, voting 18–14 in Corbyn’s favour.

Owen Smith announces leadership bid[]

Ex-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Owen Smith

On Wednesday, Owen Smith announced his campaign for the leadership of the Labour Party saying that he had “lost faith” in Corbyn’s ability as a leader of the party, saying he can “heal it” and that there are elements from both the left and right wings of the party that favor the split of the Labour Party. He has yet to receive the support of 51 MPs and MEPs in order to appear on the ballot. He expressed that had he been an MP at the time he would have voted against the Iraqi war, unlike leadership rival Angela Eagle who voted in favour, and his support the renewal of the nuclear submarine program trident, putting himself at odds with incumbent leader Corbyn.

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