Moroccan king asks to join African Union

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Monday, July 18, 2016

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On Monday, Morocco asked to rejoin the African Union (AU). Morocco quit African Unity in 1984 when the AU acknowledged Western Sahara‘s independence. African Unity was later renamed to the African Union. Every African country except Morocco belongs to the AU.

File photo of Mohammed VI of Morocco, 2013.
Image: US State Department.

Moroccan king Mohammed VI sent a message to AU’s summit in Rwanda’s capital Kigali saying “the moment has now come” to rejoin the institutional family. Mohammed VI said, “Through this historic act and return, Morocco wants to work within the AU to transcend divisions.”

Moroccos considers Western Sahara its province which is neither a member of the United Nations (UN) nor of the Arab League. Earlier this year, Moroccan leaders intended to pull their soldiers away from UN activities. Despite the claims of Morocco on Western Sahara, the African Union said it would support Western Sahara’s people’s rights to conduct a referendum for independence.


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