Norway announces new border fence with Russia

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Norway has announced that it will be building a steel fence at its Artic border with Russia, in order to deter the arrival of refugees and asylum seekers attempting to enter the country.

Last year, around 5,500 asylum seekers entered Norway’s borders through Russia and around 23,000 asylum seekers, mainly Syrians, applied for a refugee status in Norway, causing Justice Minister, Anders Anundsen to support the decision to create a fence on the border. Anundsen stated that the fence controls who enters Norway and the Schengen area.

The decision to erect a fence was brought forward in April of this year, amid requests from the police in the Finmark region; who also back the temporary shut down of the Storskog-Borisoglebsk border crossing. The police chief for Norway’s Finmark region, Katrine Haetta, said that if the flow of refugees is out of control, the fence is the solution.

The steel fence will be 200 metres long and 3.5 metres in height, stretching from the Skorskog border point. Works on the new fence have already begun with wooden barriers being removed, which were initially placed to keep reindeer herds in check.

The fence is due to be completed before winter frosts, in the next few weeks. The purpose of completion before winter frosts is because illegal migrants will have a harder time trying to enter Norway via the forest.


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