The DoD’s Latest Military Campaign – A Six Year Old Girl

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Monday, August 29, 2016

It all started about six months ago. A little girl, very close to her 6th birthday, whose greatest joys in life are playing with her teddy bears and riding her bike, started to develop patches of heat on her skin. Whilst most parents would dismiss this as a mild fever and most would probably be correct, this was not to be the case for this 6 year old. She had just become the latest target in a US brain/body computer interface experiment known as Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM).

The DoD went to war against a child.

First observed as a general heat isolated to an area that alternated between one and six inches, typically to the scalp and side of the face, it was the first sign that microwave power beam had been applied to the child. The heating comes from poor absorption of microwaves as the computer tasked with firing them would be in the process of learning the specific electrical characteristics of the little girl’s body. This also involves spot burning, about 5-10mm in diameter, of the child’s arms and legs to determine thermal limits.

Over the next several weeks, minor changes in behavior begin to be displayed. These changes in behavior are the result of areas of the brain being selectively stimulated and suppressed at high speed. This is how the DoD influences behavior. In children, this is especially powerful as much of the stimulation is basic urges to do things. As we all know, children lack advanced capability in the areas of critical thinking and will pretty much do anything that they feel they want to do. Thus, when RNM is involved, direct remote control is virtually complete.

This stimulation of the brain also effects her ability to show or receive affection, as it jams emotional sensation in real-time. All of this is to breed a child that is disconnected from her emotional ties to her family, so that she can progressively isolated as she grows older. This is something that is used by RNM to eliminate objections in the wider population to the more perverse actions of the US such as rendition, torture, etc.

Straight away, the program moved to influence behavior by introducing military training into her playtime. This involved the child acting out scenes of strangulation, eye gouging, stabbing, marching with weapons, etc. These minor manipulations are a stepping stone to more severe bahvior issues as the child grows. That is, the DoD is attempting to bias her neural development to reduce impulse control for use in more serious crimes.

Along side this came a number other approaches. Euphamistically called ‘forced sleep’, a type of complex brain siezure with little-to-no external evidence other than the eyes rolling back into the head, is applied to ‘rag-doll’ the child to permit rapid experimentation with muscle control. One such area is the eyes, the eyelids open a few millimeters and the eyes can be observed moving left-to-right and in reverse continiously for hours on end. This is electrically stimulated motion of the eye by means of microwaves. Depending on the angle of the beam hitting the child, this can be quite complex, as at some angles, it must tunnel through the brain to the muscles controlling eye movement.

At the same time, microwaves scan up and down the chest resulting in a minor compression of the chest as it hack the rib cage. This is to permit the system to breath after it kills the child. The intention here is to wear the child’s body like a skinsuit Buffalo Bill created during the movie Silence of the Lambs. Functionally alive, but remotely animated by electrical stimulation and an AI impersonating the child. This compression, along with radio waves penetrating the chest to the lungs, causes fluids to congeal leaving the child with a smoker’s like cough for months on end.

At night, as RNM hacks its way to the bladder, it causes the child to urinate itself repeatly whilst ‘rag-dolled’ as it compresses the bladder tissue.

During the night-time sessions, the AI attempts to animate the hand and fingers. Each nigh, for several hours, the little girl’s fingers are moving one-by-one as the system calaibrates itself. This also occurs to the feet and, more recently, to the upper leg which can be observed eerily moving back and forth as the child is unconscious.

Lately, the little girl has been subjected to a whole body hack. This causes heating of the skin to nearly 40 degrees celsius, from head to toe. At night, rag-dolled with a fever that of a malaria patient, the little girl’s heart rate sits for hours on end at nearly 100bpm.

Her only defense, an air-conditioner.

Make no mistake, the intention of the DoD is to murder this little girl and hope everyone keeps their mouths shut out of some perverse notion of loyality.

Home of the brave?

Not so much these days.

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