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July 8, 2008

Wikipedia: Cahul

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Location of Cahul in Moldova

Location of Cahul in Moldova

Coordinates: 46°55′N 28°11′W / 46.917, -28.183
Country Moldova
– Mayor
Population (2004)
– Total 35,481
Time zone EET (UTC+2)

Cahul or Kagul (population: 35,481) is a city and an administrative region in the south of Moldova. It is located at 45°55′N, 28°11′E. The city of Cahul is believed to have been inhabited for many centuries, although it has had a number of different names over the years – the name Scheia was recorded in 1502, and the name Formoza was recorded in 1716. The modern name was given to the settlement after the Battle of Kagul, which was fought nearby.

The city’s location had made it a frequent battleground for a number of armies, with possession of frequently switching between countries such as Moldavia, Russia, Turkey. The city was a part of the Moldavia before 1812, then Russia from 1812 to 1856, then again Moldavia/Romania (1856-1878), then Russia again (1878-1918), then Romania again (1918-1940), then the Soviet Union (1940-1941), then again Romania, the the Soviet Union again (1941-1991) and finally Moldova (1991 to the present). Apart from the battles that have been fought over it, Cahul is also known for its thermal spas and for its folk music.

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