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December 2, 2008

Wikipedia: Neutral Democratic Party

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The Neutral Democratic Party (Phak Matchima Thippathai) is a Thai political party founded in 2006 by Somsak Thepsuthin, a former TRT Cabinet Minister. The party has a similar populist line to the TRT and is expected to secure votes from TRT supporters.[1]

The party was planned to integrate into the newly formed party, For the Motherland Party and later Phracharaj party, but both deals collapsed at the last minute.

On 15 October 2007, Prachai Liewpairat, former Phrachaj Party Secretary-general and financier, was elected as the party’s leader, and Anongwan Thepsuthin, Somsak’s wife, was elected as the party’s secretary-general. This move has raised many eyebrows in Thailand’s political landscape. The birth of a new party, with a woman in charge of the second most important position, is already causing a stir. For some advocates of women’s rights, Thailand’s long struggle to break male dominance in politics should now be enlivened. As they note, in the second Thaksin government of 2005, only one of the 36 cabinet ministers and one governor out of 76 were women, while only 10 percent of the members of Parliament and Senate were women.[2]

Their policies include 9 million ponds, 15 bahts flat fee for BTS and MRT for 10 years, guarantee of agricultural products, etc.

The party’s headquarters is located at 18th floor TPI Tower Narathiwatrajnakarin Road, Sathorn, Bangkok.

After the party’s disappointed election result in the 2007 Election, the party leader, Prachai Liewpairat resigned. On 25 February 2007, party members gathered together for the party annual meeting in Sukhothai province, hometown of Somsak Themsuthin. They elected the new leader, secretary-general, deputy leaders, spokesperson and the new board. Former secretary general and the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Anongwan Thepsuthin became the new leader and Chai-Nat MP Porntiwa Nakasai became the new secretary general. This made Matchimathipataya Party the first political party to have both female leader and secretary general.


Party’s Leader

  • Anongwan Thepsuthin

Secretary General

  • Porntiwa Nakasai

Party Spokesperson

  • Suphapornpong Chuanboon


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