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December 15, 2008

Wikipedia: Royalist People’s Party

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The Royalist People’s Party (Phracharaj) is a Thai royalist political party. The party was established and registered with the Electoral Commission on 10 January 2006 by Sanoh Thienthong, former Thai Rak Thai party chairman. The meaning of the party name is ‘Loyal to the royal’.

After the establishment, Sanoh approached many well known individuals, such as former Deputy Prime Minister Purachai Piemsomboon, Head of the Office of the Attorney General Khunying Jaruwan Mentaka and Secretary General of the Chaipattana Foundation Sumet Tuntivejakul, to be the leader of the party, but all declined. Thus, Sanoh, himself, became the leader with Prachai Liewpairat elected as Secretary-General and Pramuan Rujanaseri as Deputy Leader.

On 20 September 2007 at the party’s annual conference, Sanoh Thienthong was voted unanimously to remain leader, but Prachai Liewpairat became the party’s Chairman. Anongwan Thepsuthin became the new party’s Secretary General.

But, on 5 October 2007, Prachai set up a press conference and announced his resignation due to policy conflict. He and former Matchima Member, including the party’s Secretary General resigned and became Matchima Party members. Chienchuang Kanlayanamith replaced Anongwan Thepsuthin as the new Secretary General.


2007 Election


  • Sustainable Economy
  • Fighting Corruption
  • Peace in the South
  • Property Rights
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Agriculture and Cooperatives reform and revise FTA (Free Trade Agreement)
  • Rural Debt Consolidation
  • Free Education (12 years)
  • Labour Rights
  • Children, Pensioner and Disabilities rights
  • 30 Bahts Healthcare – Popular TRT policy amongst the rural electorate
  • Equitable Tax system

The party has announced that if the party won the most votes and won the right to form a government, the party’s deputy leader, Korn Dhabbarangsee, will become the Prime Minister instead of the traditional way of the leader being chosen for such position.

Party’s Leader

  • Sanoh Thienthong

Secretary General

  • Chienchuang Kanlayanamith

Party Spokesperson


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