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April 10, 2009

Wikipedia: Rouleau, Saskatchewan

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Town of Rouleau
Nickname(s): Dog River (fictional)
Town of Rouleau (Saskatchewan )
Town of Rouleau
Town of Rouleau

Location of in Saskatchewan

Coordinates: 50°11′N 104°54′W / 50.183, -104.9
Country Canada
Provinces and territories of Canada Saskatchewan
Rural Municipalities (R.M.) Redburn No. 130
Post office Founded 1895-04-01
Village of North West Territories July 23, 1903
Town of Saskatchewan March 1, 1907
 – Mayor Kuhlmann, Allen (2006)
 – Federal Electoral District Assiniboia M.P.
 – Provincial Consituency Indian Head-Milestone M.L.A.
 – Land 1.65 km² (0.6 sq mi)

Rouleau (IPA: /ˈroʊloʊ/) is a town in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It is located in the census division of Division No. 6 and rural municipality Redburn No. 130. As of 2006, the population is 400 (A decrease of 0.9 from the 2001 census). The area of the town is 1.65 square kilometres. Rouleau is situated in the south of Saskatchewan on Highway 39. Rouleau had early beginnings, having a post office established in the provisional district of Assiniboia, North West Territories as early as 1895-04-01 and growing to village status as of July 23, 1903.

It is best known as the main filming location for the Canadian television series Corner Gas. The series’ production team built a full-size mock gas station and coffee shop at the western entrance of the town for filming, causing confusion among visitors thinking Corner Gas and The Ruby were real establishments. The town’s grain elevator was also repainted with the name “Dog River”.[citation needed]

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stopped by Rouleau to play a small role in the television show Corner Gas. The episode aired in early 2007.

A satellite picture of Rouleau can be seen by going to this Google Maps page.

The businessman Daryl Seaman was born in Rouleau.


Notable natives

The town was named after Mr. Justice Rouleau, a territorial judge of the late 19th century. [5]


According to the Canada 2006 Census:[6]

• Population: 400 (- 7.8 % from 2001)
• Land area: 0.80 km2 (0.31 sq mi)
• Population density: 243.1 inhabitants per square kilometre (630 /sq mi)
• Median age: 41.9 (males: 41.0, females: 44.0)
• Total private dwellings: 183
• Dwellings occupied by permanent residents: 170
• Median household income: $N/A
N/A = Data Not Available

See also

  • Corner Gas
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Coordinates: 50°11′N 104°54′W / 50.183, -104.9 (Rouleau, Saskatchewan)


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