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May 5, 2008

Wikipedia: The Vancouver Sun

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Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet

Owner CanWest Global Communications Corp.
Publisher Kevin D. Bent
Founded 1912
Headquarters Vancouver, BC, Canada
ISSN 0832-1299


The Vancouver Sun is a daily newspaper first published in the Canadian province of British Columbia on February 12, 1912. The paper is currently published by the Pacific Newspaper Group Inc, a division of the CanWest MediaWorks Income Fund, which is affiliated with CanWest Global Communications company.[1] It is published six days a week, Monday to Saturday.

  • According to a recent NADbank survey[citation needed], the Sun‘s daily readership was 499,800, making it British Columbia’s second most read newspaper, after The Province. Its six-day average circulation was 203,390 copies a day as of December 31, 2001. [2]

Although its staff of reporters has shrunken considerably in recent years, the Sun still has the largest newsroom in Vancouver. The Sun is a broadsheet newspaper and is not part of the Sun Media chain that operates tabloid papers in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton.



The Sun Tower was the newspaper's home from 1937 to 1965.

The Sun Tower was the newspaper’s home from 1937 to 1965.

When the Sun began operation, it was published at 125 West Pender Street, just around the corner from The Province, its rival newspaper at the time.

In 1924, the Sun bought the Vancouver World newspaper, which had been in financial difficulty for some time.

In March 1937, a fire destroyed the Sun’s business and editorial offices. The only casualty was the janitor, who suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation. The Sun promptly moved across the street into the World Building, where the World had previously been published. The building was accordingly renamed the Sun Tower.

In 1958, the Sun and the Province joined to create the Pacific Press in response to the rising costs of producing newspapers. First the papers merged their mechanical and financial departments, then they both moved into the Pacific Press Building on December 27, 1965.

The paper moved to Granville Square in 1997.


The Sun has multiple sections. Its main, or A, section usually contains the top local stories of the day along with national and international news. The B section, Westcoast News, features local news and columnists along with a daily feature, running on pages B2 and B3, known as The Daily Special. The paper also has daily Arts & Life, BusinessBC and Sports sections. On Thursdays, The Sun publishes a tabloid entertainment section called Westcoast Life. On Saturdays, there is a section called Weekend Review with columnists, features and articles on science. The Sun also publishes a popular editorial section each fall called BC’s Top Employers, profiling employers in the province with progressive and interesting workplace policies.[1]


The Vancouver Sun is owned by media giant Canwest Media who has historically been right of center. Along with almost every major daily in the country, the Sun supported the Conservatives in the 2006. The editorial board has consistently supported the center-right BC Liberals and many of its policies. Senior editor Fazil Mihlar formerly worked for the Fraser Institute, the right-wing Vancouver-based think tank that issues Report Cards for many Canadian provinces, ranking schools based on their students’ performance on standardized examinations.

Senior Editors

  • Patricia Graham, Editor in Chief
  • Kirk LaPointe, Managing Editor
  • Harold Munro, Deputy Managing Editor
  • Stewart Muir, Deputy Managing Editor
  • Fazil Mihlar, Editorial Page Editor


  • David Baines
  • Daphne Bramham
  • Michael Campbell
  • Don Cayo
  • Cam Cole
  • Shelley Fralic
  • Anthony Gismondi
  • Stephen Hume
  • Jonathan Manthorpe
  • Craig McInnes
  • Peter McKnight
  • Pete McMartin
  • Lynne McNamara
  • Fazil Mihlar
  • Ian Mulgrew
  • Vaughn Palmer
  • Malcolm Parry
  • Doug Todd
  • Paul Willcocks
  • Don Whiteley
  • Steve Whysall
  • Barbara Yaffe


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