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May 5, 2008

Wikipedia: Netizen

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A Netizen (a portmanteau of Internet and citizen) or cybercitizen is a person actively involved in online communities. Netizens use the Internet to engage in activities of extended social groups, such as giving and receiving viewpoints, furnishing information, fostering the Internet as an intellectual and a social resource, and making choices for the self-assembled communities.[1] Generally, a netizen can be any user of the worldwide, unstructured forums of the Internet. The word netizen itself was coined by Michael Hauben.[2][3]

Netizens are Internet users who utilize the networks from their home, workplace, or school (among other places). Netizens try to be conducive to the Internet’s use and growth. Netizens, who use and know about the network of networks, usually have a self-imposed responsibility to make certain that it is improved in its development while encouraging free speech and open access.

The term has been used most frequently recently in China and Korea where there are vigorous netizens movements. The election of President Roh Moo-hyun of South Korea in 2002 is widely attributed to the support for him among South Korean netizens, especially OhmyNews.[4]

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